Is Betting on SEC Football Games Different than Betting on Other College Football Games?

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Last week Drew Collins, senior writer for ChuckOliver.Net, analyzed each opening week game that involved an SEC team and recommended who to bet on. This week Drew provides us with some additional SEC football betting advice.

I asked Drew a couple of SEC betting related questions and here are his answers.

Question # 1: Do you select teams or spots in the preseason to wager on or against? Are there any specific games and/or teams you are looking to wager on or against this year?

This is where knowledge of the depth chart and really digging deep to find information on a team pays off. For instance, if a team loses three offensive linemen but their backups have had starts in the past it is safe to say that the drop off would not be as extreme as in a case where a team only loses two starters but have to replace them with true freshman.

I look for what off-season changes are being made by an existing coaching staff. This is always important to look at when handicapping. Mark Richt is known for being conservative on offensive and letting the defense win the game. Well, last summer all he talked about was speeding up the game and getting more plays off on the offensive side of the ball. This was a great piece of information to have because Georgia ended up running more offensive plays than anyone else in the SEC and more importantly the first three games went “Over” the projected total.

Staying on the topic of Georgia, I do like them against Missouri in Week 2. Everyone will point to the suspensions in Georgia’s secondary and talk about the atmosphere Mizzou will have for their first SEC home game, but if the number stays around 3 then I will gladly lay those points. Georgia’s defense up front will be dominant in this game and I don’t think their offensive line will struggle as much as people are saying. Plus, take a look at Mark Richt’s track record on the road. This is a good spot for the Dawgs in my opinion.

Question # 2: Is there anything you look for in particular when handicapping an SEC game as opposed to another conference?

The SEC is built on emotion, passion, and rivalries. Any time I can find a “sandwich” game where an upper level conference team is playing in between two rivalry games or even two important games then I will take a strong look at playing the underdog. Especially if the underdog is at home and are coming off a bye. You can say this about any conference, however I think it is a bigger deal in the SEC because of all the possible distractions that the players have to go through the week they play the lower level team.

For more information on who to bet on this season, join Drew on his weekly Handicapping Podcast “On the Line.”  Drew and his guests preview all the games each week in-season and look at futures throughout the off-season. You can also follow Drew on Twitter @Collinsdrew.

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