Best Super Bowl Food Deals You’ll Find this Sunday: Pizza, Burritos and More

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the actual game inevitably ends up being pretty low on the relevance scale when you’re talking about Super Sunday. More specifically, it comes in fourth after the Super Bowl party, Super Bowl gambling and Super Bowl commercials. There are two key elements to a successful the Super Bowl party – good food and good beer. We’ve already covered the latter subject in a lot of depth, so today we’re bringing you a last minute guide to food.

Heading into Super Bowl Sunday, it’s important to know your strengths. If you’re not good at preparing food, do yourself -- and everyone attending your shindig -- a favor and just get something someone else made. Below we’re offering you a cheat sheet (with links!) to some quick and cost-effective things you can pick up before the big game.


Dominos is always great when it comes to balancing cost and quality, and that makes them ideal for Super Bowl Sunday catering. You can pick up a bunch of legit medium two-topping pizzas from Dominos for 5.99 apiece. Plus there are cheesy bread deals there if you’re into that kind of thing.

Strength: Good pizza for affordable price.

Weakness: The wings are mehhhh.


Pizza Hut is another excellent option when it comes to pizza, although theirs is pricier than the Dominos one. This Super Bowl Sunday you can get a large pizza of any sort (including specialty) for only $10. The downside is, though, if you’re a fan of stuffed crust, that doesn’t fall into the any pizza category. Stuffed crust is an extra two bucks. But this pizza is large and can have any toppings, so you're getting even more bang for your buck than you would with Dominos. Plus these guys have great wings.

Strengths: Large pizza of any variety only $10. Great wings.

Weakness: Stuffed crust is extra.

[Pizza Hut]

Papa John’s

Papa John’s always has and always will have the best quality pizza. It doesn’t have the greasy texture that the competition is always plagued with, and the size of the pizza is always respectable. As usual, though, the pizza here is pricier than it is elsewhere and the wings are really unimpressive. You can get a large any pizza for $11 on Super Bowl Sunday.

Strengths: Large pizza (including specialty) for $11.

Weakness: Bad wings.

[Papa John's]

Little Caesars is Little Caesars. You know what you’re getting. The pizzas are $5, as usual.

Strengths: It’s cheap.

Weakness: It’s cheap.

[Little Caesars]

Pizza Alternatives

Chipotle recently replaced Disney World as the happiest place on earth, and now they’re looking to spread a little love on Super Bowl Sunday. In a pretty excellent deal for Chipotle lovers, they’re offering any order of six burritos or more for half price. It’s not exactly traditional Super Bowl food, but if you’re looking to get bang for your buck, it’s tough to beat Chipotle burritos.

Strength: Great value for even the smallest of Super Bowl parties.

Weakness: Not really Super Bowl food.


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