Best NBA Games of Week 4

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The season keeps on rolling. Continuing to give us awesome games to jump into. Is it worth betting on basketball this week? Let's find out! All times are eastern.

Monday at 8 PM, OKC plays Boston. Boston has been brutal and they need to find consistency. Playing against Kendrick Perkins may make it a bit emotional, but that can't stop them from attacking. OKC has been solid, they need to use their young legs to gun at the Celtics every chance they get. Boston will look a bit better in this game, but OKC should prevail.

Tuesday at 7:30 PM, the Spurs battle the Heat. San Antonio has been decent considering injuries. Tony Parker has been fabulous and using their advantage at point will be key. Miami should look to pound it inside and test the old legs of Duncan. Heat win this one, they're too quick and strong defensively.

Wednesday at 10:30 PM, Dallas and the Clippers square off. Jason Kidd against CP3. Reason enough to watch, but the bigs will make it fun too. A matcup to watch is Dirk and Blake Griffin. Who knows this could be a possible playoff matchup! The Clippers don't have a guy that can stop Dirk. Brian Cook is an outside player, but he's not much of a defender and Dirk is more mid-range these days anyway. Could be a long night for the Clipper bigs. Dallas wins.

Thursday at 8 PM, the Lakers look to decrease the Heat. This will be fun. LA needs to go inside early and often. Getting their bigs in foul trouble, or showing their vulnerability will propel the Lakers and open the floor up. Miami will run ferociously as always, but really the key is the defense. Stopping penetration, forcing the Lakers to stay outside will sway victory their way. Heat take this one.

Friday at 10:30 PM, the Clippers look to quiet the Wolves. Rubio vs. CP3 jumps out at me. Griffin against Love does too. Minnesota needs to keep their offense flowing. They get stagnant and look awful when Rubio's not playing. Clippers win due to more talent.

Saturday at 7:30 PM, Philly meets Miami. Philly looks legit this season, this is another chance to prove their legitimacy. Miami needs to show they're better than the Sixers. Jrue Holiday could be a huge advantage for Philadelphia. Miami can't really guard him and he's gotta start the Sixer attack. Miami should look to get Elton Brand working on defense. Feeding Bosh, assuming Brand guards him, will be the way. Philly steals this game.

Sunday at 9:30 PM, Indiana looks to out act Los Angeles. Indiana always plays winning teams tough. The Lakers need to stop the Pacer offense. Getting Darren Collison in foul trouble would help. Despite high scoring and shooting from Kobe, Pacers will win.

What games are you planning to watch this week? NBA betting? Can't wait for another week of the best basketball in the world!

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