Bert Sugar: Floyd Mayweather Didn't Want Manny Pacquiao

According to one of the most respected and renowned boxing experts around, it may be a wrap for Floyd Mayweather Jr. as far as fighting goes.

In an article recently posted on The Examiner Bert Sugar was quoted as saying: “He's been called Floyd 'Maynever'. He may never fight again.  He didn’t seem to want to fight Manny Pacquiao and he may never fight again depending on the charges.”

Towards the end of September, Mayweather was charged with grand larceny and battery after a physical altercation with the mother of his children, Josie Harris. According to multiple reports, including an eye-witness account by his son, the famed boxer allegedly hit Harris and stole her IPhone in front of their three kids.

The maximum amount of time that Mayweather could face if convicted on all charges is 30 years.

“I can’t comment on his legal issue, I’m not a psychiatrist,” Sugar said. “But he does seem to have problems.”

Prior to his domestic problems, Mayweather was in the news for his so-called “ducking” of fellow boxer, Pacquiao. The two have witnessed their camps engage in and ultimately break down in talks for a “superfight” several times over the past year

Now, with Mayweather facing such serious legal issues, more and more insiders are beginning to believe that this bout may never happen.

Sugar is a respected and well-received International Boxing Hall of Famer. He has written over 80 books on the sport and is considered a premier authority on the sport.


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