Bernie Fine’s Wife Allegedly Had Sex with Some of His Syracuse Players


Court papers indicate that Laurie Fine, wife of former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, had sex with numerous players on the team.

According to documents cited by the N.Y. Daily News, Robert Davis -- one of the men accusing Bernie Fine of molesting him -- says that he overheard Laurie Fine and one of her female friends talking about performing oral sex on players. That alleged conversation also reportedly included the ladies discussing “specific size and physical attributes” of the players' genitals.

Per the report:

“It is not only Fine’s relationship with me and other boys that would have tipped [Jim] Boeheim off. For years, Bernie Fine’s wife Laurie Fine had sexual relationships with basketball team players. Players used to talk openly about it as a known fact.”

During a prior interview with ESPN, Davis alleged that Laurie Fine had sex with him while he was a high school senior.

The same court papers cited by the Daily News also indicate that Davis is charging current Syracuse basketball coach, Boeheim, with defamation for his staunch -- and at times over-the-top -- defense of his former assistant.

After initially supporting Bernie Fine through all of the accusations made against him, Syracuse finally terminated the assistant coach after audio of Laurie Fine admitting that Bernie Fine had sex with Davis went public.

No charges have been brought against Bernie Fine up to this point because the statute of limitations on the things he’s accused of doing has apparently run out.

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