Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson Conference Call Quotes


During the final press conference for the previous fight between Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson a statue of Hopkins was revealed by Ripley Entertainment, where Oscar De La Hoya posed with the bronze man.

On this occasion a lot of strong words were revealed by Hopkins and Dawson and Richard Schaefer revealed some facts. Bernard Hopkins is a young 46 years old not an aged one.  Prior to this fight with Dawsonhe challenged Pascal for the WBC Light Heavyweight Title and won. He was the oldest man ever to win a boxing title and does want people to remember him in 100 years time and wanted that fight to go down in history of which it did.

Not quite where we left off however, here's how the conference call progressed earlier this afternoon and was taken care of by Kelly Swanson PR. It started off with Richard Schaefer thanking Gary Shaw and reminded everyone that the tickets for the event at Atlantic Citywere priced from $25 for April 28 and that the opening bout will be Seth Mitchell vs. Chazz Witherspoon for the vacant NABO Heavyweight title.

Chad Dawson took control after that and thanked the media in participating and promised to give the fans a fight they want to see. He said, "I was the aggressor I was trying to get Bernard Hopkins to fight, I plan to use my speed and my youth to win. I admire everything Hopkinshas done in the sport over the years and you can't take that away from him. I want to de-throne him.”

So at this point we could hear that Dawson was expressing that at this very time Hopkinsis King and that he is ready for the final battle to take over this kingdom i.e the current title. With this in mind he continued to say, "The way the last fight ended, on my behalf I could take it as a confidence builder. I don't believe he was hurt. I want to pick up where we left off. I guess it's about the legacy. I wouldn't want to go out like that. I'm not going to say he's scared." He talked in high esteem and in great belief in himself and said, "Knocking out Bernard Hopkins would be quite a statement, I can't say I'm going to look for it, but it would be great."

Schaefer started talking about the necessities of what Hopkinscould have done. He said, "Bernard has more belts than other people have to hold up their pants. He could have taken a handful of fights and could have had a TV date whether he fought Chad Dawson or not. He wasn't obliged to take it."  Thus proving the point that he is his own man within all his rights a celebrity as well as a legendary boxer and will have pulling power regardless of who his opponent will or could have been. He said, "If you look at the kind of fighters Bernard has fought and won against, that is what's built the legendary status he has."

There was some humor in this call as Schaefer thought it was amusing to hear from Dawson's team that Hopkins was "having" to take this fight and Schaefer still went on about Hopkins’ career talking about that he will always have doubters.

Hopkins was...

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