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Bernard Hopkins Fights Chad Dawson Again, This Time with Lawyers

By Nick Tylwalk

I suppose an appeal process can be sort of like a negotiation: Ask for more than you expect to get, then be happy if you get something slightly less.

That appears to be the thinking Bernard Hopkins and his lawyers are taking, as ESPN's Dan Rafael revealed that they are asking for his KO loss to Chad Dawson to be changed to a Hopkins victory by disqualification. The reasoning behind it is that they feel Dawson committed an intentional foul with intent to injure, meaning he should have lost when Hopkins' injured shoulder made him unable to continue. And it really was injured, according to two x-rays, with results of an MRI still pending.

The guess here, pretty much confirmed by Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer in the Rafael piece, is that Team Hopkins knows darn well the California State Athletic Commission isn't going to give B-Hop the win. But by asking for the win, they increase their chances of getting the no contest ruling that probably should have been handed down from the start. It's a smart strategy, and if the commission surprises everyone and pulls the full reversal, so much the better (for Hopkins, anyway).

The larger question would be whether a rematch would be ordered if/when a no contest is declared. More importantly, do we, the boxing fans, really wanta rematch? Normally a contentious outcome produces a high likelihood of increased animosity in the return bout. For instance, I fully expect Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko to slug it out when they meet for the second time.

Does anyone really think that will happen with Hopkins-Dawson II? An extra dose of anger isn't going to make those two particular fighters stand and trade, meaning we're going to be in for 12 rounds of (our own) pain. Go back and watch Round 1 of the first fight and tell me you'd like to experience that repeatedly.

No thanks (unless the fight is on regular HBO instead of pay-per-view). I'd be perfectly fine with a no contest verdict, then all of us just forgetting the whole thing ever happened until our cable bills come.

Let's move on, shall we? Time for some...


* Roy Jones will fight on, this time against Max Alexander on Atlanta on December 10. It's the official position of this site that boxers earn the right to fight as long as they please, so good luck Roy. Oh, and one more thing: If this guy knocks you out, please at least consider a full time move to broadcasting...

* I got this text from our own Uatu yesterday: "Man kermit cintron gets a lot of last chances." It's a fair point, especially since he's going to be facing Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in Mexico on November 26. On the other hand, he did fight to a "draw" against Sergio Martinez and beat Alfredo Angulo fairly easily a few years back, so that buys you a few extra chances. Cintron will be the biggest name Canelo has fought thus far (unless you consider Matthew Hatton a bigger name because of his famous sibling), so I kind of like this one...

* Nathan Cleverly could figure into the light heavyweight merry-go-round sooner rather than later after his tough victory over Tony Bellew. I've said before a Cleverly-Hopkins bout in Great Britain could work, but maybe Tavoris Cloud makes more sense. If that's the case, I'd like to see it happen here in the U.S., because I think American fans would take a liking to the WBO titleholder.

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