NY Post's Marc Berman: More Knicks Lies


This is the third in a series of entries exposing the infinite lies of Marc Berman of the New York Post. This time, I’ll be exposing a hypocrisy, in essence an implied lie or at least a dishonesty.

There were a few (very few) people who wanted Donnie Walsh to do nothing once he took over as President. These folks wanted the new President to maintain the roster. Let Zach Randolph collect his double doubles and Jamal Crawford do his thing with Jarred Jeffries taking up space and money. The Knicks started off Walsh and D’Antoni’s first season strongly and the thought was to just be a middling team for a couple of years and then retool when those contracts expired.

Marc Berman wasn’t one of these people. He was like the rest of us who saw no benefit to being a middling team. He was like the rest of us who wanted to swing for the fences and try to transform into a contending team within 2 years instead of within X years, where X = unknown.

I’ll reprint Marc Berman’s thoughts on the deadline move that brought Tracy McGrady over to the Knicks and cleared the room for 2 cap space in full. The piece was called “Do It Donnie!” (Exclamation point in original):

CHICAGO – Donnie Walsh has spent the season trying to open up more cap space so he can land two maximum free agents. It is why there’s been such resources on getting Eddy Curry viable. That failed. Trading Jared Jeffries on his own failed.Now Walsh has this shot but it’s an expensive one, giving up Jordan Hill, the rookie power forward his scouts adored coming out of Arizona, packaging him with Jeffries to get this Tracy McGrady deal done.

As Walsh mulls whether to include Hill, it’s clear he has reached a point of when do you go too far in trading young talent for cap room and the uncertainty of luring two star free agents.

If Walsh makes the McGrady deal with Hill and Jeffries’ inclusion, he is putting it all on the line this summer. But in truth, if the summer was everything, then why back down now? Hill’s presence wasn’t luring Joe Johnson or LeBron James. The trade at least assures you of re-signing David Lee if that’s what you want.

Either you’re all in or you’re not sticking to the plan that has been everything. Do it, Donnie.

(Thanks to @CMLucci for finding me the link to above).

Clearly Berman thought the deal was a worthy gamble at the time, like so many other observers (out of 2,548 respondents to a poll on The Knicks Blog, 2,377, or 93% thought the trade was a good idea, whereas 171 or 7%, didn’t).

But lest we forget that Marc Berman thinks his readers and Knicks fans are idiots. That point couldn’t have been reinforced more strongly today with the release of Berman’s scathing piece, anchored in his remarkable 20/20 hindsight entitled “McGrady trade haunts Knicks“:

If the Knicks did not make the Tracy McGrady/draft pick trade with the Rockets last February, there’s a good chance Carmelo Anthony would be a Knick today — alongside Amar’e Stoudemire.

The future assets that could have gone this fall to Denver instead went to Houston president Daryl Morey last winter — as TNT’s Steve Kerr recently pointed out. The “T-Cap” trade opened up cap room for two maximum contract players, but the Knicks only got one. And T-Mac turned into a bust, now playing in Detroit.

The future assets Berman was so willing to part with just in February? Jordan Hill wasn’t going to lure LeBron but he was going to tip the scales in a ‘Melo trade right?

Or maybe Berman is referring to the 2012 pick the Knicks lost. Sorry Marc but the Knicks with ‘Melo are a contender and that pick is in the 20s, where teams routinely purchase selections from spendthrift franchises.

Berman adds:

The trade would have been worth it if the Knicks had nailed LeBron James and paired him with Stoudemire/Chris Bosh or Stoudemire with Joe Johnson/Dwyane Wade.

Uh huh. It sure would have. Too bad neither the Knicks nor Berman, nor 93% of fans, had the foresight to raise the red flag. The McGrady trade was a calculated risk, one that put the Knicks in the room with LeBron James this summer.

I’m glad that Berman is out there telling all of us how wrong we (and he) were, however I suspect if the Knicks weren’t able to get into that room, Berman would have written a different type of scathing critique.

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