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Benson Henderson Wants to "Cement" Champion Status by Beating Frankie Edgar at UFC 150

Many people feel that to truly become a champion, you have to defend the title at least once. UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson will attempt to do just that this Saturday night against Frankie Edgar at UFC 150: Henderson Vs. Edgar II.

"I feel like I am the lightweight champion, but I want to cement it by defending it," said Henderson, during the pre-fight press conference Thursday. "It will make it feel that much better."

Henderson has discussed numerous times wanting to defend the title more than UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva who currently holds the record for title defenses.

"People have long-term goals. In business, the long-term goal is to be a Fortune 500 company," Henderson said. "My long-term goal, since I started fighting, was to be the best ever, period. I'm not looking past anybody, but my long-term goal is to do it like Joe Louis (boxing great) and control the weight class."

Henderson and Edgar will take place from Denver, Colorado on pay-per-view. FightLine will have complete coverage of the entire event.

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