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Benson Henderson is a Special Kind of UFC Champ

Whether or not you thought that Benson Henderson deserved to win a unanimous decision over Frankie Edgar -- and, subsequently, the UFC lightweight title -- or not, the fact can't be denied that The Smooth One is championship material.

With the ending of their bout controversial in the eyes of many and Edgar's history of doling out rematches as champion, Henderson was sympathetic to Edgar's plight and went on record saying The Answer deserved an immediate second-go at the title. The rematch was eventually set up, despite UFC president Dana White's repeated urgings for Edgar to drop to featherweight to free up the 155lbs division.

In a recent interview with, Benson spoke about his mindset as champion and why he was happy to face Edgar for a second time.

My take on the (first) fight is that it was a good scrap, but I definitely think I could have done better. I left some holes out there and didn't quite get the finish that I wanted, but it was a good scrap.

Let's run that back, let's do it again. In my eyes, I don't really see myself as one of those primadonna wide receivers: 'I want this, and this has gotta happen.' I represent the UFC, I'm the 155-pound guy right now, and even if you don't have the belt, it's not about you calling some guys out. To me, that's kinda tacky and disrespectful. It's Sean Shelby, Joe Silva, and Dana White's job to put somebody in front of you. Whoever they put in front of me, I will beat up. It doesn't matter. My job is not to match myself up and call this guy or that guy out. I'm not gonna go on Twitter and make my own match. Some guys are into that and that's the way they want to pursue their career, and they can go right ahead. My job is to beat people up.

Henderson and Edgar met for the first time around at UFC 144, which bore their namesake and took place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on February 26.

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