Benson Henderson Says Frankie Edgar Deserves Rematch


UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson stopped by UFC Ultimate Insider Tuesday evening and discussed his first title defense. "Smooth" will face former champion Frankie Edgar later this year, and admits that "The Answer" deserves a rematch for the 155-pound title.

"Frankie gave two rematches. It's criminal not to give him a rematch after a decision, because, as a champ, he gave two rematches," said Henderson (thanks to for transcribing). "I think it's something that has to be done sometimes. There's just no alternative."

Henderson did agree that giving Edgar the rematch creates a problem in the divisions pecking order, but added, "If you're a challenger, the idea is you have to keep winning. It doesn't matter. You have to keep winning. So if there's a logjam...guess what? You gotta fight. You gotta win."

It was rumored that Henderson would make his first title defense against Anthony Pettis, the same fighter that took the WEC crown from Henderson. Pettis is currently set for surgery and is expected to be out for a couple of months.

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