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Bengals Quarterback Matt Scott Loses His Dinner Right Before Throwing Touchdown (Video)

Undrafted rookie free agents usually have to put up extraordinary preseason performances to even have a shot at making an NFL roster. It’s tough work convincing a coaching staff that you, instead of a draft pick or veteran, deserve a spot on the team.

From the looks of it, undrafted Bengals quarterback Matt Scott really wants to catch on in Cincinnati. Yes, Scott went 7-11 with 66 yards and two touchdowns last night, but it’s what he did in between one play that really stuck out. He threw up everywhere – and then proceeded to throw a touchdown.

Who knows if Scott was nervous or if he was just gassed (he rushed for 68 yards on the night, too). Either way, Bengals coaches have to love seeing this type of grit.

Check it out:

Scott signed with the Bengals this spring after being cut by the Jaguars last year. In four years at the University of Arizona, he passed for 4,921 yards and 33 touchdowns while adding 1,138 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground.

He’s an extreme long shot to make the Bengals roster given that Andy Dalton, Jason Campbell, and A.J. McCarron are also on the team.


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