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Bengals Linebacker Burfict Caught Twice Wrenching Ankles After Tackle (Video)

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict may be paying a hefty fine to the NFL soon. Burfict, one of the leaders of the Bengals’ defense, was caught on camera multiple times yesterday wrenching players’ ankles after they were already on the ground.

Burfict’s first twist was done to Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Burfict tackled Newton on the play and then grabbed and twisted Newton’s ankle as he sat on the ground. Newton yelled as Burfict twisted his lower leg.

Here’s footage:

Later in the game, Burfict pulled the same dirty move on Panthers tight end Greg Olson. Just as he did to Newton, Burfict grabs Olson’s ankle after he is tackled and twists it forcefully. Jeremy Igo of Carolina Huddle captured the twist on camera. Check out this series of shots:

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Multiple Panthers players noticed and took offense to Burfict’s dirty play. Kicker Graham Gano slammed Burfict’s conduct after the game, tweeting: “Unbelievable that a player would intentionally try to hurt my teammates twice. I hope the NFL lays down the law hard #Unacceptable.”

Gano sent out another tweet later: “Seriously that makes me sick. There is no room in this league 4 something like that. We are grown men, have respect for the game and others.”

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said the team will send footage of Burfict’s dirty play to league offices. 

Sources:, Jeremy Igo, Vine


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