Bengals To Donate 100% Of Devon Still's Jersey Sale Proceeds To Fight Cancer

The Cincinnati Bengals have been in the news for all of the right reasons over the last week.

First, the team announced that they would sign defensive tackle Devon Still to their practice squad to ensure his daughter had health insurance to cover her cancer treatments. Today, the team announced they will donate all of the proceeds from his jersey sales to cancer care and research efforts. 

Still previously said he was considering walking away from the game since he couldn’t focus 100% on football during his daughter’s battle. By signing Still to the practice squad, the Bengals ensure that he will have a sizeable income and health insurance for his daughter. Since he won’t travel with team for road games, he’ll have time to be with his daughter in Philadelphia. For obvious reasons, the move was applauded by the public.

The Bengals got another round of applause today after announcing that 100% of the money from Still’s jersey sales will be donated to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and to pediatric cancer care and research. Here’s to hoping we see a bunch of #75 Bengal’s jerseys fly off the rack soon.

The Bengals classy moves do not go unappreciated by Stills. Here’s what he said last week when the team announced they were signing him.

“They could have just washed their hands completely of it,” he said. “Say ‘we don’t care what’s going on in his personal life, we just want people who can care 100 percent on football,’ that’s what they pay us to do. But they thought about my personal issues and allowed me to come back on the practice squad so I still have insurance…

“The Bengals were loyal to me. I’m not about to up and leave them. Loyalty is something I really need right now because I never know what direction this is going to go with my daughter.”


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