Can Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Play MLS?


Just the other day, former New York Giants All-Pro defensive lineman, Michael Strahan, was caught dissing Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson saying that there is no way that Ocho is going to make a professional soccer team. Well it looks like Strahan may have to eat his words.

Sports Kansas City has asked the ultimate catch, Chad Johnson, to play in their reserve team’s game on Monday against a local team. While this may just be a publicity stunt for the team and for Ocho, no one can deny the wide receiver’s athletic ability and Lord knows he’s just as hot as David Beckham.

Personally Ochocinco has always preferred soccer to other sports but was persuaded in High School to pursue football instead. Don’t worry football fans, 85’s first priority is still the Cincinnati Bengals and he is looking into soccer as a way to stay in shape and keep himself out of trouble during the NFL lockout. I can’t see Ocho’s interest and potential field time as being a negative in any way.

First of all, it will keep the ten year veteran in shape, keep him busy (good for Evelyn Lozada) and give him some additional PR and endorsements. For Major League Soccer, it can only expand their fan base and introduce a little spice that only Johnson can bring to the game. American football fans will be given the opportunity to continue to cheer on one of their own while NFL owners attempt to work past their filthy greed.

What I don’t understand about this whole soccer thing however is the wide receiver says he will play…. for FREE! I get the fact that he is not hurting money wise, though I think he is crazy for cutting himself short. Heck, donate the money to charity or put it toward your wedding fund or something. Donald Trump’s gotta have a chat with this kid at some point.

It seems as if always silly Chad is serious about this potential soccer gig. Only time will tell if Ochocinco can truly bend it like Beckham.

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