Beloved Hockey Mascot is Attacked by Audience Member (Video)


"Marty the Marmot" serves as the beloved mascot of the Victoria Royals hockey team, which plays in the Western Hockey League (WHL) in Canada.

During a game period intermission on Saturday night, Marty hosted a game of musical chairs with some audience members at the Vancouver Island ice arena.

That's when an unidentified male audience member got angry after Marty pulled an inflatable chair away. The man picked up the mascot and body-slammed him on the ice (video below).

The man dragged Marty along the ice before finally leaving the hockey rink under a rain of boos, noted

Some people in the audience thought the attack was part of the act. Marty actually laid on the ice for a few seconds before a staff member checked on him.

Local police are waiting to get a statement from Marty before pressing charges against the man who pummeled him.

According to Yahoo! Sports, in August, Marty was voted Canada's favorite mascot over sports mascots from Major League Baseball, NBA and NHL.

Marty is also well known in the area for his charity efforts.

The Victoria Royals' Facebook page indicated that Marty had recovered and was doing well.

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