Bellator is Threatening to Sue Tyson Nam

When Tyson Nam (12-4) knocked out Bellator's Bantamweight Champion Eduardo Dantas (14-3), at an unadvertised charity show for Shooto Brazil, he had no idea how much his life would change. He expected offers from several organizations, but now Bellator is threatening to sue the fighter stating that he is under contract with them.

Nam's trainer Phil Claud said he was released from his contract after being promised to appear in the season 6 and then season 7 tournament. Both times, Nam was pulled from the tournament. Claud feels Bellator is now trying to capitalize on Nam's recent success.

"There's no way they sent Tyson to fight up in Brazil … if they thought he was of value to their organization," said Claud on MMA Junkie. "Now he wins that fight, and now they're saying, 'We want you to play our game, or we're not going to help advance your career.'"

While the contract dispute continues, Nam waits for his next fight. He recently spoke on MMA Junkie Radio about the idea of a rematch with Dantas.

"I read somewhere that he wants a rematch and whatnot," said Nam. "But they want me in the tournament that's going to be taking place in spring 2013 – that's a long time to sit down, especially after the biggest win of my career. I've got a lot of promotions, if not the most recognizable promotion, wanting to sign me and wanting to fight me in the next two or three months, which sounds pretty good to me."

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