Bellator 38 Results and Analysis


Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Tim Carpenter (7-0) SD 3 Daniel Gracie (5-3-1)
Scores:  29-28 (Carpenter), 29-28 (Gracie) 29-28 (Carpenter)

Though the Gracie name may not contain the same swagger that it once carried in the infant days of MMA the fact remains that anytime a Gracie fights the world tunes in.  The first family of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu may be singular in their offensive attack but that does not mean that they are not successful in modern day MMA.  However, against Tim Carpenter the Gracie name failed to carry with it the intimidation it used to and an emboldened Carpenter simply out-muscled and out-hustled the young Gracie.  No one can discount the Graice’s BJJ, but their ineffective striking skills will continue to see them tarnish their once proud shroud of invincibility. 

Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal
DJ Linderman (9-1) TKO RD 3 (Strikes) Raphael Davis (10-2)
Time of Stoppage:  2:44

Despite Davis’ credentials as Division I wrestler against Linderman his decision to stand and utilize the Muay Thai clinch paid dividends early in the fight.  Utilizing dirty boozing and vicious knees in the clinch Davis was able to beat Lindreman at his own game in the early half of the opening round.  However, Linderman is not short on heart and using good distance was able to rock Davis with punches to close out the opening stanza in impressive fashion.  Davis seemed to still be buzzed entering the second round and Linderman was able to pummel Davis while the fight was on the feet.  Linderman seemed to be on his way to a decisive victory via TKO but he inexplicably was goaded into taking the fight to the ground where Davis soon seized control.  However, Davis success would be short lived as Linderman was able to escape some precarious submission positions to survive the round.  Linderman continued the boxing assault into the third and final round as he simply beat the living hell out of Davis.  Davis was on wobbly legs the entirety of the round and Linderman was able to simply grind Davis down to a pulp.  Sold, solid win for Linderman. 

Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Rich Hale (16-3-1) SUB RD 1 (Inverted Triangle) Nik Fekete (4-1)
Time of Submission:  1:55

One word can describe this fight: wow.  Despite Fekete looking like a beast early on, outmuscling the much bigger Hale things took a drastic turn in Hales favor following a slam attempt by Fekete.  As Fekete rose to his feet with Hale's legs draped around his shoulders, Hale clamped on an inverted triangle choke that put Fekete’s lights out and may be one of the best submission victories of 2011. 

Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Christian M’Pumbu (16-3-1) KO RD 3 Chris Davis (10-3)
Time of Knockout: 3:34

For the first two rounds of the fight it appeared that Chris Davis would cruise to a dominate victory.  Davis utilized some deft takedowns and grappling to control and dominate the fight.  However, in what would be a classic example of a come-from-behind victory, M’Pumbu would rally back in the final round to batter and bloody a clearly fatigued Davis.  As Davis turtled up following a stuffed takedown attempt M’Pumbu would hammer home a flurry of hard punches that bloodied the nose of Davis.  Following a flurry that left Davis slumped against the mat, the referee waived a halt to the fight. 


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