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Bears Wide Receiver Sam Hurd Arrested for Allegedly Being a Huge Drug Dealer

Chicago Bears wide receiver and alleged narcotics connoisseur Sam Hurd was arrested Wednesday night outside a Chicago restaurant.

While the details of what exactly transpired are hazy at this point, it appears as though Hurd engaged in a transaction for a kilogram of cocaine from a confidential informant and an undercover federal agent. Both of the sellers, as per the Chicago Tribune, were working under the guise of being drug suppliers.

Hurd got charged with one count of conspiring to possess half a kilogram of cocaine with intent to distribute. Reports also indicate that Hurd negotiated to buy 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week for distribution in the Chicago area at that same Wednesday meeting.

Additionally, Hurd allegedly went into detail about the expansive way in which he delivers drugs to customers – explaining that he and someone else distributed approximately four kilograms of cocaine each week in the Chicago area.

The Bears have acknowledged that they are aware of the circumstances surrounding Hurd’s arrest, but haven’t said what their next move will be as of yet. Hurd has a three-year contract with Chicago due to pay him, at most, $5.15 million.

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