Bears, Vikings, Lions: Lessons Learned from NFL Week 10


After another week, odds makers trying to predict the NFC North are still fighting an uphill battle. With the Vikings rising, Bears falling, and Packers staying the same, the top three contenders are closer than ever to the top spot. Here’s what happened on Sunday.

The Bears fell to the Texans in a mostly unexciting Sunday Night game. Due to classically wretched weather conditions at Soldier Field, the game became a battle of who-will-make-the-most-mistakes. The Bears’ 5 turnovers left them victorious in that regard, and 13-6 losers as a result. The headline after Sunday’s game was Jay Cutler’s 2nd quarter exit due to a concussion. Jason Campbell stepped in and did very little with the Bears offense, mustering a few completions to Brandon Marshall amidst a blur of punting.

Meanwhile, the Vikings-Lions game in Detroit saw Lions’ fans nightmares of Adrian Peterson coming true before their eyes. Peterson came up with 120 yards. . .in the final quarter of the game to bring his total to 171 yards on 27 carries. Vikings QB Christian Ponder had a stellar bounce back performance with 221 yards and 2 td through the air to go along with 0 turnovers.

The Lions went into the half down 13-3 and were never able to storm back and take the lead. A bright spot for the Lions was a dominating day for Calvin Johnson, who put together a very impressive 12-207-1 stat line. Johnson was truly let loose in the second half but it was too little too late. Despite his huge day catching the ball, Calvin lost a crucial fumble in the fourth which allowed the Vikings to ice the game.  

Next week the Lions host the Packers at home, the Bears travel to San Francisco, and the Vikings enjoy a week off.

Chicago Bears 7-2

Green Bay Packers 6-3

Minnesota Vikings 6-4

Detroit Lions 4-5


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