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Bears Sam Hurd Supplied Drugs to Other NFL Players?

Now things are getting interesting. As if an NFL player getting busted as a major Chicago drug kingpin isn’t interesting enough.

Now, a law enforcement source tells 670 The Score in Chicago that police have a list of NFL players who bought drugs from recently arrested Chicago Bears WR Sam Hurd. Oh boy!

And the source says that the number of players is “in the double-digits.” Could be 10, could be 99. Who knows?!

You know there are a bunch of players right now that aren’t going to be completely focused on their game this week. They know that they are in some deep crap and even if the aren’t prosecuted, just having their name out there associated with this mess could cost them their careers.

Of course, it depends on who it is. If it’s a bottom-of-the-roster bubble guy, then they could be finished in the NFL. If it’s Tom Brady? They’ll just politely ask him to stop using hardcore drugs.

This one isn’t over yet.


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