Bears Matt Forte Wants to Get Paid

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte is not happy with his contract, that much we know. And apparently some other teams know that too, as a Chicago Tribune report cited two unnamed teams as showing interest in trading for the young running back.

Forte was glad to see that someone was willing to show some appreciation for his talents.

“I’m glad teams are interested,” Forte said. “For me to be out here working as hard as I do and not have a contract extension, you kind of get that feeling of being unappreciated. I just hope that when this year is over and I play as well as I’ve been playing, that if the Bears don’t reward me with a contract, another team will.”

Don’t expect the Bears to trade their best offensive player, especially since they don’t have many play makers on that side of the ball. But, it’s not a great sign that they have someone on their team so talented that feels so unloved.

Will they sign him? Will they wait until the year runs out and use the franchise tag?

“It kind of doesn’t make sense,” Forte said of the tag. “If they don’t want to pay me that type of money, why would they use the franchise tag, which is basically paying me that ($8 million) in one year?”

We don’t blame the Bears for not breaking the bank on a running back, considering their shelf life. But, you could give him a nice little chunk of money for the next three years or so. NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed anyway, so there shouldn’t be too much risk involved.


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