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Be Thankful for College Football on this Thanksgiving

It has been a rough off the field year for college football. There have been unthinkable scandals at some of the most prestigious and historic football programs. On the field it's been a year of parity and unpredictability.

Each week we are treated to fantastic games and finishes that have enthralled us for twelve weeks. Enjoy it while you can (and hope the scandals and off-the-field issues quiet down a bit next year) because there are are just a few weeks left and then we hit the bowls and head to the off-season. On Thanksgiving, here's what I am thankful for in the world of college football...

- Robert Griffin III. He is the leader this week in the Bloguin Heisman Poll and he is an electric football player to watch. 

- That the NCAA gave Houston QB Case Keenum one more year of eligibility so we could see him light up the scoreboard for another season.

- LSU for being that one constant in a world of unpredictability.

- Every week seeing teams fall by the wayside in games they are "supposed" to win. Here's to you Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Boise State and many others. You make this season interesting and maybe, just maybe, help out with the argument for a playoff.

- The three-way love triangle at the top of the SEC West. As teams keep falling off the map the constant is the SEC West. The fact that Bama, LSU and Arkansas are the top three teams in the Nation makes it pretty interesting to see how things finish up.

- Jarvis Jones overcame his injury at USC and became one of the best defensive players in the Nation in his first year at Georgia.

- Rivalries. Rivalries are one of the best things about college football. Whether it's the Iron Bowl, the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, the Red River Shootout (I could go on and on)...rivalries make college football better and more entertaining.

- That the Big 12 will live another day. I'm not crazy about the addition of West Virginia (not because they aren't a solid team but because it just doesn't make sense) but the Big 12 is about fun football and I'm glad it will live on.

- Players that turn down the pro's to stay in college for another year. This beer is for you Andrew Luck.

- Players that don't transfer just because they get beaten out for a starting job or because they have a great player in front of them. This one is for you D.J. Shockley.

- Coaches that go for it on fourth down when their back is against the wall.

- Sun Belt teams like Arkansas State and Louisiana turning around their fortunes behind Hugh Freeze and Mark Hudspeth.

- For seemingly having more college football at my disposal on TV than I can ever remember.

- Larger than life coaches like Lane Kiffin, Chip Kelly, Brian Kelly and Les Miles (again...I could go on and on here). Love them or hate them, they make college football more interesting and worthy of discussion.

- #MACtion. It's nice to turn on the TV on a random Tuesday night and watch two teams lighting up the scoreboard with no regard for defensive prowess.

- Ron Zook. He's the gift that keeps giving.

- Walk-Ons that earn scholarships.

- New coaches making their mark like Mike London at Virginia and James Franklin at Vanderbilt.

- Clemson. The suspensefulness of how deep they will go into the season before shooting themselves in the foot is something to look forward to every year and be thankful for.

- The variety of offenses we can watch in one week of college football. The option attack, air raid, the spread, pro set, etc. Variety is one of the things that makes college football so great.

- The football divisions below the FBS for having playoffs.

- Gunslingers like Brandon Weeden, Nick Foles, Landry Jones and Seth Doege. Sometimes it's just fun watching the ball get slung around the yard.

- Robert Woods, Sammy Watkins, Justin Blackmon and Ryan Broyles. Elite receivers at the college level.

- Jordan White, Quinton Patton, Alex Carder, Zac Dysert, Ryan Aplin, Bobby Rainey, Ronnie Hillman, Bernard Pierce and Vinny Curry. Just because you don't play for a major power doesn't mean we aren't thankful for your efforts.

- Urban Meyer to Ohio State (possibly) and RichRod to Arizona? Those two football programs just got a lot more interesting.

- Field Goal kickers that can actually put the ball between the uprights. They are a rare breed this season.

- College Football announcers that let their heart tell the story of the football game. RIP Larry Munson.

- Having some great college football podcasts like The Solid Verbal, In The Bleachers, Aaron Torres, No Two Minute Warning and Crystal Ball Run to make my commute a little faster every day.

- Having underrated websites like Saturday Blitz, Turfburner, Collegiate Stadiums, Crystal Ball Run, Big East Coast Bias, Eye and Eer, and A Beautiful Day for Football to read instead of just the major "name" websites.

- The other guys who take the time to write here at the site and those from other sites that have helped us out throughout the year.

- Having this website to share my thoughts and opinions on whatever I feel like writing about. Thanks for reading.


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