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BCS Director Responds to Senate Criticism Over Revenue Sharing

The executive director of the Bowl Championship Series, Bill Hancock, defended the structure of the process against upset senators who believe that the BCS gives the advantage to the six big conference in college football.

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah brought forth these issues, but did not like the answers he received, courtesy of the Bowl Championship Series committee.

Along with five pages of an explanation, and six pages detailing how revenue is distributed by the BCS, Hancock addressed the issue.

“While I appreciate your interest, I believe that decisions about college football should be made by university presidents, athletics directors, coaches and conference commissioners rather than by members of Congress,” Hancock stated in the letter.

Hancock has remained consistent in his stance on the opinion of congress and senators.

Hatch was frustrated with the BCS response and had a response of his own.

“Today, the BCS simply confirmed what most fans of college football have known for some time, that the BCS system is biased, secretive and harmful to schools and competitors,” Hatch said in a statement.

“I agree that university presidents and conference commissioners should be able to make the proper decisions regarding college football,” Hatch said. “The problem is that the small number of privileged schools that participate in the closed system have been unwilling to provide students, athletes and fans with what they deserve a fair, unbiased system like the kind they have in literally every other NCAA sport. No one wants to see Congress get involved here, including me. But if this response is any indication, there may not be any other option.”

Last season, the Utah Utes of Hatch’s home state finished the season undefeated, but did not get a shot at the national championship, won by Alabama.

Hancock was quick to point out that the non-automatic qualifiers in conferences such as the WAC and Mountain West received record payouts totaling $24 million this past season.

The Fiesta Bowl featured two teams that were from non-automatic qualifiers, in Utah and TCU, with the game won by Utah.

The BCS is continually under criticism, and has been since its inception in 1998, with changes being made to improve the system. While everyone will admit to the fact that it is not a perfect system, it is what is in place now.

With the season still four months away, Online Sportsbooks have installed defending champion Alabama as the preseason betting favorite to repeat their national championship.


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