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BCS Championship: Lou Holtz Sadly Explains Why Alabama Destroyed Notre Dame

Every unbiased college football fan on the planet knew that Notre Dame’s place in the BCS National Championship game was secured by a horrible call during their undeserved victory over Stanford. That stolen win, mind you, was the biggest and most impressive highlight of their otherwise bland title game résumé.

Outside of Notre Dame fans, nobody (absolutely nobody) believed that the Fighting Irish had any shot versus Alabama.

The non-stop doubt regarding their chances of upsetting the Crimson Tide and Las Vegas making it abundantly clear that they had no chance (Alabama was a nine-point favorite) created something of an us-against-the-world mentality for a lot of Notre Dame fans. They basically were just living in their own little world prior to the championship game, truly and honestly believing that they would hang with the best team in the nation.

When they eventually got ripped to shreds by 28 points like most figured they would, understandably, they didn’t quite know how to cope.

Case in point: ESPN’s resident Notre Dame mascot, Lou Holtz.

(via Larry Brown Sports)

Notre Dame had a fantastic season. Better times are ahead for the Fighting Irish. But if you want to honestly assess their schedule and stack it up against the country’s other top dogs, they aren’t even a top-five team.

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