Bass Fishing is About to Officially Become a High School Sport in Kentucky

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If you’re one of the many youngsters living in Kentucky who is dissatisfied with the current selection of sports available at your local high school – fear not. You’re about to get a really cool alternative. And by really cool, of course, we mean not cool at all.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Kentucky has now become only the second state in America to sanction bass fishing as a legitimate prep sport. The decision is set to go into effect next April, and a number of people are already counting down the days.

Per the report:

“I think it’s fantastic. The earlier the exposure to bass fishing the better,” Matt Luken told “I talk to people all the time that wished they had bass fishing in college. We can say the same thing that we wish we had it in high school.”

And how exactly does one participate in a high school bass fishing competition?

The current competitive format would have two student-anglers fish from a boat that's driven by an adult. The best five fish for each team member would be added up to determine a winner based on total weight. All fish will then be released after the weigh-in.

Look, everyone has their own little idea of what constitutes a sport. In a lot of people’s eyes NASCAR is a sport, despite the fact that it doesn’t require athleticism in the way that football and basketball do. At the same time, many don’t consider cheerleading a sport, even though cheerleading actually requires a pretty considerable amount of athleticism. Darts, bowling and a myriad of other things have had their legitimacy as sports questioned. Rehashing what should and shouldn’t qualify is a pointless endeavor.

At the end of the day, if pros (read: adults) want to call what they do a sport – more power to them. The obvious problem with this, though, is that it may lead to youngsters who need to get a certain amount of physical activity per day to think that they’re getting that physical activity by sitting there and fishing. They’re not. So long as the bass fishing goes alongside doing stuff like playing basketball or running track or whatever else, that’s fine. But if this supplants legitimate exercise, that’s a problem.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports)

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