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Baseball Player Tries to Kill PItcher with Bat (Video)

A wild brawl broke out last night between two Cuban baseball teams, Matanzas and Villa Clara.

Villa Clara's pitcher Freddy Alvarez hit two Matanzas players in the head with a fastball, one of whom was the son of Matanzas' manager, noted

After the second player was hit, Matanzas players rushed the pitcher's mound (video below).

One of those players, Demis Valdes, came after Alvarez with a glove and a baseball bat.

CBS Sports reports that Valdes was not playing in the game.

After Valdes and Alvarez threw their gloves at each other, Valdes tried to knock in the pitcher's head with the bat.

However, Alvarez managed to miss most of the bat, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Seconds later, Villa Clara catcher Ariel Borrero tackled Valdes from behind.

Eventually, the bat was taken away from Valdes by one of his own teammates.

The game was delayed for over 20 minutes, but Matanzas went on to win, 3-0.

Sources:, Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports


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