MLB News: Colon and Stem Cell, Royals Soria Yanked, Ramirez's Injury


Colon Continues to ‘Ex-Cell’

Bartolo Colon scattered four hits and struck out six as he continues his amazing comeback season. So now what? Do all MLB players line up for Stem Cell treatment?

On the surface, from a philosophy standpoint, the procedure doesn’t seem much different than Tommy John Surgery. There are those however who now feel that even Tommy John Surgery may not be fair. Looking at the recent dominance of players like Josh Johnson and success of players like aging pitchers Tim Hudson, it almost appears as if they are better pitchers than before they had the surgery. Does the surgery actually provide the ability for enhanced performance above and beyond what the player could have done without the procedure? The same question exists about the stem cell procedure that Colon had. Can a player enhance his performance by doing this?

MLB is looking into this issue, and it seems they very well should. I’m not saying that Tommy John surgery or the Stem Cell procedure should be disallowed, but some research needs to be done into whether or not these procedures actually provide the ability for enhanced performance in addition to player rehabilitation.

You know it’s coming, it’s just a matter of time. If pitchers with health problems having these procedures done continue to come back better than they were, some sick-o father of some young kid somewhere is going to have his healthy kid under go one of these procedures with the expectation that he’ll be able to score a huge contract two-three years down the road. You think it’s no big deal now, what then?

Hanley Ramirez Says Back Injury Is ‘Worst Pain I’ve Ever Had’

Soria Loses Closer’s Job After Meltdown vs. Angels

Joakim Soria has been one of the very best closers in all of baseball the past few years. If he was playing on a large market team he would be a household name.

The move comes after Soria turned a ninth-inning lead into a loss for the third time in seven days. He has four blown saves in his last five opportunities after never blowing more than three saves in any of the three previous seasons. Soria now has a 6.55 ERA on the year which is an eye popping contracts to his career 2.01 ERA coming into the season. One has to wonder if we will find out in hindsight that the guy is not healthy.

Manager Ned Yost identified rookie Aaron Crow as Soria’s primary replacement. Crow is the logical choice after going 2-0 with a 1.33 ERA in 22 games.

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