Bart Scott Expects Jets to Rebound, Compete for a Championship Next Season


“Can’t wait!” has been New York Jets’ linebacker Bart Scott’s catchphrase for over a year now. And after making the AFC Championship game for two straight years but failing to make it to the NFL title game, he can’t wait to win his first Super Bowl.

“We play this game for one reason. I am concerned with one day calling myself the best in the world, freeze that moment in time. If I can get a couple, that will be even better, but I am striving for one right now. If you are not playing the game for that reason, then I don’t know why you are playing,” Bart Scott said in an exclusive interview with Jared Ginsberg and Victor Green of Class Act Sports.

Scott was on hand at Jason Taylor’s Casino Night in Mimi Florida in February. The two were teammates on the Jets in 2010.

“It’s pretty much Jason giving me a venue to come and support him. All the tireless efforts and all the work that he does out in the community. He has been doing this during the duration of his career. I think this may be a special one that now he is retired, and it also can be a celebration of the player and also the philanthropist,” Scott said.

He was not able to golf at the outing, due to recently having off-season surgery on his elbow. He joked that it might actually help his golf game.

“It’s going well. I can try some little putt-putt stuff. But I’ve never been much of a golfer anyway, so the surgery may help me,” Scott said.

After a tough year which saw the Jets go 8-8 and miss the playoffs, Scott has put the disappointment behind him, and is looking forward to the 2012 season.

“I see us rebounding. I think sometimes you have to fail. A lot of our guys have known nothing but success. But sometimes you need that fear of failure to motivate you because you think you are working hard but you may not. You need that hunger. You can’t rest on what you did in previous years. There is always someone behind you that you may not see. We understand that we have a fight on our hands every week,” Scott told Class Act Sports.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan has predicted a championship for three straight years now, none of which have come to fruition.

“A lot of the times, with Rex, his competitive nature and some of his statements get over-analyzed. As a player, you have to take everything with a grain of salt and stay even keeled. We are going to go out and try to put the best effort forward whether our coaches are saying Super Bowl or not,” he told Class Act Sports.

But Scott, who has known Ryan from his days as a Raven, loves his coaches confidence.

“It is a blessing to be fortunate enough to play for such a class organization. I don’t call Rex Ryan my coach, I call him my friend. I have been around him from our Baltimore days for 10 years. And it’s just a joy to go to work every day. Whenever you can go to your childhood dream, which is playing football, I don’t even consider it work, I consider it a childhood dream and come and try and support the great fans of the metropolitan area,” he said.

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