Bart Favre, Brett Favre's Half Brother, May Come Out of Retirement


NOTE: The recent controversy regarding Brett Favre's too little too late performance for the struggling Minnesota Vikings made me think of my friend's aging, tennis-ball chasing dog as a metaphor for Favre's forgettable play so far this season. The following story is a satirical parody, complete with a video clip, taking that metaphor to extremes. No animals were harmed in the making of this video, I promise. Bart, a brown lab and German pointer mix, loves playing ball, though he likes to punt on 4th down a lot.

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Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? Favre Brothers Say Yes We Can

Bart Favre's labored breathing echoed throughout the training field recently after only three long pass attempts (two of them dropped) from younger half-brother Brett Favre during a recent pass and catch session at an undisclosed location.

The lesser-known Bart Favre was an 18-season veteran of the Cleveland Browns organization and left the NFL with a tearful speech in 2002. Exclusive video of the historic practice for the old retiree can be viewed below. 

Brett visited his brother during a break from what is becoming a dismal one-more-time return season for the legendary quarterback. Though Bart Favre remains adamant he is not completely sure of whether or not he plans to return to the Browns next season, rumors are circulating indicating the receiver/retriever is working out daily. The session with younger brother Brett is reported to be a key indicator of his seriousness about returning to the full-contact playing field. The older Favre says if he can get in shape in time for the kickoff of the 2011-2012 season, he's looking at a $15 million contract offer from the Browns to come back for one final year.

Meanwhile, Brett Favre is hearing a ton of criticism from press row and fans who think he's too old and came back too late to make a difference for any team. He couldn't even manage to throw a single touchdown pass in his last outing against his former team: the Green Bay Packers. Based on the video below it seems he can't even connect at a good pace with his own brother and is no longer the long bomb threat he used to be.


Bart Favre has all the enthusiasm and drive he can muster at his age, and he's giving it another go despite his younger brother's recent tribulations. Like his brother, Bart also has a penchant for showing his privates to others, and it happens just about every time he lifts his leg and pisses on a lineman's leg. It's a minor issue for the Browns, who know how to handle the former star retriever and want him back in a bad way. 

Bart's 18 years as a receiver were relatively injury free, and the old dog still believes he has a lot of ball catching (and sniffing) years ahead of him. Brother Brett recently said he told his older brother another season wouldn't be worth the trouble, but Bart is not giving up yet. 

Chances are, no matter what happens to the Favre brothers, for the remainder of their playing days they'll be watching the playoffs from their couches at home, where they should stay instead of trying to play ball at their age: 

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The Favre brothers should take a hint from another old Dog, Country Singer Kenny Rogers:

"Know when to walk away, know when to run.." Kenny Rogers, The Gambler

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