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Baltimore Ravens Rookie Review

Team Draft Needs:

Tight End, Defensive line, Cornerback, Free Safety, Middle Linebacker

Team Draft Picks:

Pick #43 – Sergio Kindle – Defensive End – Texas
Pick #57 – Terrance Cody – Nose Tackle – Alabama
Pick #70 – Ed Dickson – Tight End – Pittsburgh
Pick #114 – Dennis Pitta – Tight End – BYU
Pick #156 – David Reed – WR – Utah
Pick #157 – Art Jones – Defensive Tackle – Syracuse
Pick #194 – Ramon Harewood – Offensive Tackle – Morehead

Team Draft Trades:

Baltimore receives Anquan Boldin and a fifth round pick from Arizona for the Ravens’ third and fourth round picks. The Ravens traded the 25th overall pick to the Denver Broncos for the 43rd, 70th and 114th overall picks in the 2010 Draft. It marked the first time in Baltimore Ravens draft history that they traded out of the first round. The Broncos selected quarterback Tim Tebow with the 25th selection.


The legend of Ozzy Newsome continues to grow. The same guy that drafted Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Jamal Lewis and Michael Oher has found at least three guys that can contribute this year in the teams’ pursuit to win the AFC. Both Sergio Kindle and Terrance Cody could have been easily selected as first round draft picks. Kindle is fast and will be great at rushing the quarterback off of the edge. Cody will help him do that by pushing the offensive line backwards. At 6’4 – 354 pounds, Mount Cody is a force up front. Cody should be able to plug the run gaps and really keep the blockers away from Ray Lewis and the Ravens’ linebackers. The downside to Cody is that he might be too big. If conditioning gets to be a problem, Cody’s playing time will be severely limited.

Dickson and Pitta are nice additions to the tight end position. Todd Heap’s career is winding down and these two guys could give Joe Flacco the big targets he needs over the middle. The team continued to add depth to their offensive and defensive lines in the later rounds. Overall it was a pretty productive draft. The team addressed their need at wide receiver by adding one of the league’s premier receivers in Boldin. They made a great deal with the Broncos and still got quality. Overall, this draft will depend a lot on Terrance Cody and his ability to be in playing shape. It’s a bit of a risk, but they still get a high grade.

Grade: A-


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