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Badminton Brawl? Former Thai Teammates Engage In Fistfight During Tournament Final (Video)

It was a stunning scene as the doubles final of a world-class badminton event in British Columbia, Canada, turned into a brawl between two former partners who represented Thailand during the 2012 Olympics.

Shocked fans at the Canada Open 2013 couldn’t believe what they were seeing when, in the middle of a match at the Richmond Olympic Oval, Bodin Issara dropped his racket and chased Maneepong Jongjit to a nearby court, throwing punches at his ex-teammate until the two were pulled apart by coaches and tournament staff.

Both teams were immediately disqualified and Badminton Canada has yet to decide if the two who fought will be further penalized.

According to tournament medical staff, Issara required two stitches to his ear. Apparently, at the start of the match, the two were warned by the referee for a verbal exchange.

As recently as this January, Issara and Jongjit were ranked as one of the best duos in badminton before the former announced his surprise retirement to look after his ailing mother and because of an injury and personal reasons, according to the Bangkok Post. However, Issara soon started competing again with another partner and an online badminton magazine reported his dissatisfaction with Thailand’s training facilities as the real reason behind his temporary retirement.

The Badminton World Federation stated that it is aware of the match that “ended in unusual circumstances” and it is launching an investigation, reported The Blaze.

As of Sunday evening, no one has been charged with a crime.

The following video contains graphic violence and viewer discretion is advised.

Sources: The Vancouver Sun, The Blaze


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