Bad News: Bobby Petrino Nude Photos Might be Coming


The fallout from Hurricane Bobby Petrino hitting Arkansas has been pretty bad. His transgressions and eventual firing has left the players currently on the football team without a coach, and at least inadvertently contributed to his mistress’ fiancé stepping down or getting fired from his post as Arkansas’ Director of Swimming and Diving Operations.

Unfortunately, that’s not the worst part of the mess Petrino left behind. No, the worst part, undoubtedly, is the fact that he apparently dealt with his mistress, Jessica Dorrell, via school cell phone. As you would expect, less than 24 hours after his dismissal, Deadspin was able to get its hands on his full records.

You check them out here.

The most interesting (read: horrifying) thing we’ve seen thus far came via tip from Clay Travis. Here was the tweet that he sent out shortly after the records went public:

Bobby Petrino nude photos are coming. Prepare yourselves. He Favred himself.

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravisBGID) April 11, 2012

Now, there is no way to really know if Travis was just expressing an opinion or if he actually knows that Petrino sent out nude photos, but then there was also this tweet from Robbie Neiswanger:

Anyone know what Pict Video MSG means on a phone bill? There are some of those, too.

— Robbie Neiswanger (@NWARobbie) April 11, 2012

Because of how many pages of phone records there are, it’s impossible to know at this very moment whether or not Petrino actually sent out naked photos of himself. These two corresponded a lot. Here is just a taste of how much communication we’re talking about (via The Big Lead):

So again, while we know that picture messages were exchanged, we don't know what those pictures contained. We’ll find out soon enough, though. And regardless of what actually happens, it would probably serve everyone best if we mentally prepared for the worst possible outcome (the nude photos existing). Get your anti anxiety medication ready.

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