Bad Decisions: Philadelphia Eagles Continue to Fall Apart in 2011

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Heading into the season I mentioned that Daniel Synder must have sold the Washington Redskins and purchased the Eagles. Playing them twice each year Philadelphia has watched for years as Washington used a failed formula at trying to get another Super Bowl. Synder would pay for top free agents and didn’t care about team chemistry, fit, or scheme. Philly has obviously been watching their divisional foes and felt that was the best way to take a team on the verge and completely blow it up.

There are so many questionable moves with this team. They built this mansion on a foundation as stable as quick sand. After seeing Mike Vick’s stellar year in 2010, Philly decided to trade his young backup for a cornerback that has little to no role in most games. And the role he does play doesn’t fit his style of play. Vick did his time and should be forgiven, but that doesn’t mean that he’s stable enough to build a franchise around. He’s also on the down slope of his career and has an elevated chance of injury due to playing style.

The Eagles won the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes. It sounded great at first, until you realized that they planned on switching him to playing zone coverage after being one of the best man to man cover corners, (which is all he played his whole career). Why would they pay a player top money and ask him to do something that he’s never done when they planned on trading their future quarterback for a guy (Dominique Rodger-Cromartie) that could fit that role better.

Let’s talk about a free agent signing that actually made sense before we get to the biggest bonehead move. Jason Babin was a beast under Jim Washburn in Tennessee. They brought him in to play in a scheme he’s familiar with and perfect for. It’s been the only bright spot for the Eagles’ defense.

Why all of the problems on defense? Well, this should explain it. Andy Reid hired Juan Castillo, his offensive line coach to be…….his defensive coordinator!  Genius!  What the hell? Even if you’re going to make that move, wouldn’t you expect him to at least have had an impressive offensive line last season? I don’t see the message you’re sending when you promote a guy to something he’s never done, for failing at what you hired him to do. That’s like promoting PacMan Jones to Head of Security at a strip club.

Juan Castillo isn’t solely to blame for the Eagles shortcomings. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing. The Eagles signed every big name they could and thought that signing those names to go along with the names they already had would be enough. They also felt that having Trent Cole and Jason Babin in Jim Washburn’s defensive line would force teams into a million picks with all these big named cornerbacks. What they forgot was that there is a line of defensive players that line up between the D-line and the secondary.

If someone would please get word Castillo that these guys are known as linebackers that might help. Also, tell him that just because the defensive line is expected to pressure and that the secondary all played well in different schemes, they can’t make up for a weak linebacking core. Washburn forgot to mention to him that in the “Wide 9″ scheme, linebackers play an integral part in stopping the run because the line is so spaced out. But Castillo missed that piece of information while training offensive lineman 9 months ago.

Andy Reid needs to fire Juan Castillo today! If they hire a real defensive coordinator maybe they can’t stop the bleeding in time to still win a wildcard spot or they can stick with what they have and then all apply for jobs with Daniel Synder at the end of the year.

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