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Back to Business as Usual for the Chicago Bulls

By Mark Skiba

The lockout is over and training camp has officially started as players returned to the Berto Center for the first practice of the year. The free agent frenzy that has taken over the NBA in the past 48 hours has not hit Chicago yet, and no one should panic.

Chicago has been active in talks with players who ultimately chose to go to situations with more money offered to them.  That is no fault of Gar Forman, he refuses to overpay for players unlike the rest of the NBA. This was one of the major causes leading to the lockout, as role players got paid like good players and good players as great players teams will continue to have problems financially.

The Bulls will eventually add a starting shooting guard to the mix on their terms. The latest reports have Richard ‘Rip’ Hamilton being bought out and it is believed that both parties have heavy interests in each other. Hamilton would be an upgrade to the Bulls shooting guard woes, but it remains to be seen if that will be enough to make it to the NBA finals.

While other teams are adding pricey free agents to improve their teams, the Bulls may not have to go down that path. The Bulls have plenty of other positives going their way. While it will be hard to repeat as the MVP of the league this year, Derrick Rose should continue to grow as a basketball player, and that is just scary. Tom Thibodeau with a year of experience running a team, should have a better understand of handling a season, and his players. Omer Asik was a virtual unknown to most fans at the start of training camp last year, look for him to continue to improve during his second season.

While the Bulls as a whole had great team chemistry last year, Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer never seemed to be comfortable on the court together, both having injuries throughout the season led to this, hopefully spending time on the court together during practice and early on in the season will lead cohesion from the two come playoff time.

This team has room to grow on its own that is why ruining the financial flexibility for a bigger name at shooting guard is not that correct move at this time, and the future of this team is bright.

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