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Awkward Video: Reporter Accidentally Calls Mark Sanchez “Tim” at Jets Training Camp

Tim Tebow will inevitably become the starting quarterback of the New York Jets at some point this year. We all know this.

Be it because of his skills, the media hype or divine intervention, somehow, some way, Tebow will be the one taking the majority of snaps for New York beginning right around game five or six of this looming NFL season.

And because we all know that Tebow is destined to lead his squad this year, the team’s current starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, knows it too. He wakes up every morning knowing that he’s on borrowed time, and that the only thing anyone wants to talk about is how quickly he’ll lose his position to that other guy.

The combination of all those things is what makes this really hard to watch:

Again, generally speaking, someone mixing up your name -- especially if you're famous and you know that everyone knows your name -- with somebody else’s is no big deal. It usually means nothing. Usually. In this case, though – it means everything.

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