Awkward: Lakers vs. Nets Tickets Have a Picture of Mike Brown on Them (Photo)


Jim Buss would rather if we didn’t talk about Mike Brown anymore. Yes, he was the one who inexplicably hired Brown when there were a number of better options available. And yes, he was the one who unceremoniously fired Brown five games into the season without really giving him a legit chance to prove himself. But you see, every single time you bring up the name Mike Brown, you remind one and all that in his first official job as the new Lakers Boss of Bosses, Fredo failed miserably.

In an effort to make everyone forget about that, Buss floated the idea of possibly re-hiring Phil Jackson last week – then he brought in someone totally different because he probably never wanted to hire Phil Jackson in the first place.

Unfortunately, even if that trick did work and people did temporarily forget about Brown, the amnesia will wear off sooner rather than later. The bad memories will flood back on Tuesday, in fact. Why? Because this is what the Nov. 20 Lakers vs. Nets tickets have on them:

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By the way: the other guy there, Devin Ebanks, he was arrested for a DUI a week ago. This thing is worse than the Madden Curse.

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