Awful Radio Host Dino Costa Randomly Tried to Start a ‘Mike Tyson is Dead’ Rumor

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Some terrible radio host on Sirius/XM that you’ve probably never heard of randomly tried (and basically failed) to start a rumor that Mike Tyson died on Tuesday.

In a sad attempt to generate interest in his unknown sports show, alleged radio host (has anyone ever actually heard him on the radio?) Dino Costa decided to kill off the breakout star of the Hangover franchise. Costa put the fake rumor into motion by peddling the idea that someone had called into his radio station and informed him of Tyson’s demise. That was probably a lie in itself, but let’s just go with his version of the story. Rather than investigating the matter and seeing what’s what, Costa simply decided to break the news on Twitter with no actual evidence that it happened. At the same time, he tried to hedge against the inevitable backlash by saying the news wasn’t confirmed.

You know, because it was made up.

Anyway, long story short – Tyson is alive. Truth be told, he’ll probably outlive all of us.

Back to the no-name host, though. If Costa wanted quick and undeserved fame, he didn't have to kill off a boxing legend to do it. He could've just gone out and married Kris Humphries like every other attention whore does.

Fortunately, almost nobody heard his "breaking news." All of 38 people retweeted his original message about Tyson's death. In fact, if not for the good folks at Larry Brown Sports, we would have never even heard that this incident took place. They were also kind enough to compile the tweets that this alleged radio host sent out:

FLASH ALERT: Just received word that Mike Tyson was killed in a car crash in upstate NY, NO CONFIRMATION AS OF YET...will keep you posted.

Pray that this news concerning MIKE TYSON is not true, received call from person who claims to have been at the scene...NO CONFIRMATION YET

I want to stress, this news on MIKE TYSON HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED...we received a call right after my show ended, THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION...

Leaving the station now, please tune into Bill Lekas & Nightcap for further information (if there is any) concerning news received on TYSON

So let this sad incident be a lesson to all you kids out there. Don’t kill off sports legends in an effort to boost your Klout scores. Go the old fashion route and find naked pictures that they sent to their groupies instead.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find)

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