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Authorities Fear Widespread Measles Outbreak at Super Bowl

Indiana health officials are concerned that a person with measles may have exposed others to the illness at Indianapolis’ Super Bowl Village last Friday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, two separate instances of measles have been confirmed in Hamilton County and Boone County. Of those two cases, at least one of the patients went to last Friday’s massive Super Bowl kickoff celebration at the outdoor Super Bowl Village.

In all, an estimated 200,000 people attended those particular festivities.

How serious is the situation? Serious enough for the Indiana State Department of Health to notify the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and an assortment of health departments in New York and Massachusetts regarding the matter. Unfortunately, the status of the outbreak won’t be known for a few days as that’s typically how long it takes for the disease to take effect.

The person who came down with measles originally reportedly got it from an undiagnosed sibling.

Despite the precautions being taken, though, authorities don’t seem to be too worried about the fallout.  

"We've got high percentages and great rates of childhood immunization," Greg Larkin, Indiana state health commissioner, told the Wall Street Journal.

Between this mess and the mysterious sniper’s nest at Super Bowl XLVI, it’s probably safe to say that this year’s event was a little more risky than it typically is known to be.

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