Australian Cricket Player Suffers Eye Injury from Teammate's High Five (Video)


Australia defeated India during an One Day International (ODI) game of cricket by 72 runs on Sunday, but the Aussie's celebration was not as impressive.

During the game, Australia's Brad Haddin and teammate James Faulkner tried to celebrate a wicket with a high five, but Faulkner accidentally jammed Haddin in the eye, noted The Guardian (video below).

"How embarrassing is that? We couldn't even get our high fives right," said Australia's captain, George Bailey, "What about just a handshake?"

Haddin had to leave the field, but returned after getting medical treatment for a scratched eye, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Phil Hughes temporarily subbed for Haddin, who will be playing in Wednesday's game against India in Jaipur.

"We were trying to work out whether he came back out because his eye was alright or if he was nervous because [Phil Hughes] was keeping so well," added Bailey. "He might've been under the pump."

Sources: The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian


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