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Austin Trout Arrested for Public Intoxication, Quickly Released

Austin Trout is fresh off the biggest victory of his career. He is also currently eyeing a huge potential bout against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Up until this past week, really, life was great for the junior middleweight champion.

What happened this week? Oh, you know, just a standard public intoxication arrest that apparently was “all just a mistake.”

Early on Tuesday morning, a fight broke out at a West Side restaurant in El Paso. The details of who was involved in the melee remain murky, however, upon arrival, police seemed to think that Trout was involved. When he tried to explain to officers that he wasn’t in fact involved, someone smelled alcohol on his breath.

Shortly thereafter, the 27-year-old was arrested and booked. The time of arrest was approximately 4:30 in the morning; the time of booking was 8:50 in the morning; the time of release (after a bond was  posted) was about 11:00.  

"We were sitting at a table at Taco Cabana (7800 N. Mesa), eating our food and a fight broke out at a table next to ours," Trout, 27, told the El Paso Times. "The police officer said I was involved and I told him I don't fight for free. It's funny. They arrested everyone who wasn't involved in the fight.

"The police officer said I was intoxicated," Trout said. "I told him I wasn't. He said he could smell it on my breath and I asked to take a breathalyzer and he said he didn't have to give me one. They just held me for the required time, I paid a booking fee ($105 bond) and I was released. It was all just a mistake."

Make of this situation what you will.

(Kudos El Paso Times)

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