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Audio: NBA Commissioner David Stern Asks Jim Rome if He Still Beats His Wife

It’s oddly fitting that a man who disciplines people regularly for saying dumb stuff would land in hot water for saying something very, very dumb during a radio interview.

While appearing on the Jim Rome Show today, NBA Commissioner David Stern was pressed about the constant rumors that his league’s draft lottery process is rigged. It was a completely softball question that Stern could have dismissed with ease had he wanted to; however, in true David Stern fashion, David Stern decided to make an issue where there shouldn’t be one. (That happens sometimes, right Laker fans?)

In response to Rome asking whether the fix was in, after chiding him a bit, Stern offered this tidbit:

"Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

Obviously Stern was just using a somewhat well-known rhetorical tool, but it’s sort of hilarious that he couldn’t come up with a better reply. Far be it for us to question the acumen Rome’s regular listener but, going by Twitter reactions, a lot of folks didn’t really understand what the NBA Commissioner was getting at with his response.

Seeing as the NBA currently knee deep in an NBA Finals series that’s bringing monster ratings and has a ton of intrigue surrounding it, does Stern really need to be distracting folks from the product with dumb stuff like this?


Stern should fine himself $25,000 tomorrow morning.

(Kudos L.A. Times)

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