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Audio: Howard Eskin Thinks Erin Andrews Should Thank the Stalker Who Shot a Nude Video of Her

One of the stranger things you'll come across in sports these days is this ridiculous built up resentment that so many seem to have towards current Fox studio host and former ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

You will recall, Andrews was propelled to national fame back in 2008 when a stalker filmed her through a peephole in her Nashville hotel room. Naturally, given the world we live in, the footage was eventually released and quickly went viral.

The stalker who did the filming was ultimately arrested and tried, however, along the way Andrews became a huge star. A lot of people, for whatever reason, think she played up the whole incident.

Case in point: WIP’s Howard Eskin.

Eskin’s isn’t the only person who shares that view. A lot of Andrews’ most vocal critics subscribe to that very same philosophy.

The problem with their theory is that it centers around blaming a stalking victim for the fallout from her being stalked. It implies that when people were paying attention to her because of something that was completely and totally outside of her control, she should have raised her arms and covered her face.

It also carefully ignores the fact that, even though Andrews has obviously gained fame-wise from the incident, she has also had to deal with the unspeakable embarrassment of having her nude images plastered all over the internet.

Eskin is a moron, but his comments are pretty indicative of what a lot of Andrews’ critics seem to believe.


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