Audio: Gregg Williams’ Speech About 49ers Shines New Light on Saints' Bountygate

Gregg Williams’ NFL career is over.

Over the last two weeks, the outrage about the New Orleans Saints’ involvement in Bountygate has slowly but surely decreased. Predictably, as fans got distracted by how cool it would be if Bill Parcells coached the Saints, the fine points of Mo Claiborne’s Wonderlic Test score and how the new Nike NFL jerseys looked, everyone largely forgot about the biggest story of the offseason.

Well, thanks to brand new explosive audio uncovered by Yahoo! Sports’ Michael Silver, the story has bubbled back up to the forefront. And while that’s bad news for everyone in the Saints’ organization who was hoping to appeal their suspensions, it's worse news for Williams, whose career in pro football is probably finished.

As it turns out, documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon was able to capture Williams on tape last year giving a hardcore, profanity-laced speech in which he specifically stated that he wanted to see his guys inflict physical damage onto the San Francisco 49ers. (The Saints would ultimately lose that game anyway, though.) And according to Pamphilon (via Silver), during the speech, Williams “at one point made a hand signal suggesting he would personally pay for a ferocious shot on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.”

The good folks at USoF were able to get the speech onto a Youtube clip. Check it out (Warning: It contains a lot of profanity):

(Note: Tune in today to the Bottom Line Sports Show as they talk all things NFL, and have one lucky NFL Draft prospect on to discuss what the future holds.)

For better or worse, that audio makes Bountygate seem 10x worse than folks figured it to be. Thinking that players are putting money on taking out opposing players is obviously bad. Actually hearing Williams talk about wanting to badly injure opposing players, and hearing him repeatedly use the word “kill” in his profanity-laced tirade – that just makes it so much worse than anyone originally thought it was.

Once again: Williams is done. 

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