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Auburn Football Recruit Sends Out Embarrassing Commitment Tweet

Football recruit Marquel Harrell’s career at Auburn University is off to a less than stellar start.

The three star offensive lineman recruit from Fairburn, Georgia announced his commitment to play for the Tigers with the following (and subtly embarrassing) tweet:

I'm officially committed to the University of Auburn. #WarEagle#WDE

— Marquel Harrell (@HarrellMarquel) April 22, 2014

Of course, anyone relatively familiar with the college sports universe probably realizes Harrell is actually committed to Auburn University, not the University of Auburn. That may sound like a stupid thing to even point out, but try rolling over to USC and asking how the Southern California University football team is looking this year. You’ll be laughed at.

Anyways, Harrell promptly corrected himself by sending out a tweet saying “I’m committed to Auburn University. Honest mistake.”

Earlier this month, Harrell told it was looking like he would commit to the University of Tennessee. Obviously that didn’t happen, and here’s why he said he’s opting for Auburn instead:

“I love their style of offense,” he said. “They get after it. They have the best athletes in the country and are the top program in the country in my eyes.”


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