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Attention LeBron Defenders: The King is Poison

Particularly people like Rashad Floyd on Talkin’ Ball — forget what I say about the James… listen to what others are saying about him. Man, the guy is poisonous if you ask me. One of the biggest jerks in sports right now and no one you’d want your children to idolize.

At least that’s what this says. And this, too. Two guys who know what they’re talking about, by the way.

What Erik Spoelstra is doing, in the words of Chad Doing, my partner in the mornings on 95.5 The game, is “setting himself up for a long and prosperous career.” And there’s no question about that. One of the rarest traits among coaches in pro sports today is the ability and willingness to confront superstar players and hold them accountable for their actions.

Trust me, if he got fired tomorrow, there would be five jobs out there for him. Good jobs. I mean, seriously — if he’ll confront James, he wouldn’t have any trouble holding LaMarcus Aldridge or Brandon Roy’s feet to the fire.

In the long run, this is what the great coaches do — they hold their players accountable… no matter who they are.


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