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Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader Kristen Hardy Injured After Bizarre Fall

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A cheerleader for the Atlanta Hawks was rushed to the hospital last night after she suffered from a head injury after a bizarre high kick accident.

Kristen Hardy, from Houston, Texas, cheers alongside her twin sister Kirsten on the team. They were performing between the third and fourth quarters in a game against the Dallas Mavericks.

The accident was caught on film as she did a high kick and slipped backwards, twisting and hitting her forehead on the court.

Afterward she lay motionless on the floor as the cheering squad gathered around her and paramedics took her off the court in a stretcher.

Though she looked pretty hurt in the video, she was released from Atlanta Medical Center, telling her fans through Twitter that she was thankful to be home.

“After a scary trip to the hospital, I’m back at home and resting up so I can get back cheering for my Hawks, love you guys and God bless!” she said.

The game was briefly delayed, and the Hawks ended up losing 113 to 127.

Larry Drew, coach for the team, said he wished the cheerleader well.

“Our best wishes are with the cheerleader who had the incident on the court,” he said. “She is doing well, from what I’m told. We are hoping that she is ok and are keeping things in perspective.”

Kristen and Kirsten Hardy studied at Houston University and have previously promoted themselves as singers and actresses who want to release a fitness video.

The team website says Kristen majored in Early Childhood Education and is a pre-Kindergarten teacher.

The Hawks have a home game Wednesday night, but she will not be able to attend.

“It’s gonna be my first time performing without my sister at the next home game Wednesday night … I’m kind of sad,” she wrote on Twitter. “Take that back I’m really sad.”

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