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Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles News Round-Up

After a week off to get ready and fix some shortcomings from the past few weeks, the undefeated Atlanta Falcons continue on their quest to the play-offs with a game against the Philadelphia Eagles and our old QB, Michael Vick. Let's take a look at some Eagles blogs and what they are saying about their team.

Keeping Vick vs Benching Vick:

For SB Nation Philly, I wrote about Reid’s decision to stick with Vick.

I believe this is the right move…for now.  The coaches will have the bye week to make adjustments.  Vick can flush out his head, rest up, and be ready for action.  Vick then gets to keep his job if he’s able to play better.  If not, you gave him a fair (some would say more than fair) chance.  Then you move on to Nick Foles.

Eagles Should Look for Mismatch Against Falcons Hybrid 4-3: is forecasting a close game with the Atlanta Falcons winning 56% of 1,000 computer simulations, and the Philadelphia Eagles 44% of those simulations. In close games, turnover margin is especially important. The Atlanta Falcons commit fewer turnovers in 45% of simulations and they go on to win 80% when they take care of the ball. The Philadelphia Eagles win 64% of the simulations in which they commit fewer turnovers.

The Beginning of the Rest of the Season:

Yeah, I suppose this past week qualified as a tumultuous one for the Eagles, all set in motion by a humiliating late collapse and loss to the Lions. A seventh blown fourth quarter lead in 22 games was, apparently, critical mass for the ill-fated Juan Castillo experiment. Andy Reid decided to hold himself responsible for the mess by going into terminator mode and firing the good soldier he'd put in position to fail. To the surprise of no one, reaction to the Castillo firing was a cesspool of drama, hysterics and negativity.

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