Atlanta Falcons Rants and Raves: Jim Mora, Roddy White, Eric Dickerson and More


As part of my duties here at Grits Blitz Blog, I'll be doing a weekly column entitled "Bird Droppings".  It's going to be little factoids, rants, and other items -- about a dozen or so -- mostly dealing with the Falcons..but also mixing in some pop culture and anything else fun that happens to be going on.  No rhyme or reason to the order of the tid-bits, just the way a completely schizophrenic mind like mine works.  So...enjoy...

Jim Mora may be an idiot, but his recent statements did ring true in one aspect...he has more playoff wins with Atlanta (1) than the Dimitroff/Smith regime have (0).  Sad fact.

The top five hits for the Falcons salary cap this season are quarterback Matt Ryan ($13.5 million), wide receiver Roddy White ($8.025 million), cornerback Dunta Robinson ($7.7 million), running back Michael Turner ($7 million) and tight end Tony Gonzalez ($5.9 million).  So where do you see room to trim the fat from the turkey? Comment below please!

Star receiver Roddy White has agreed to pay $3200 per month in child support to baby mama Stacey Hott.  Since when does it take more to support a baby each month than the average American takes home each month?  Hope he doesn't drop this ball.

The AJC has listed seven players for the Falcons to watch at the upcoming NFL combine.  Seven players? Welp...that should solve the offensive line problem.  Who do you think they need to look at the hardest?  Comment below please!

Anyone else out there want to have a Harvey Dahl-athon?  I know Sam Baker is all in.

On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens each year.  (placing an order for one case of Bic ballpoint pens to be delivered to Rob Parker)

I recently watched the "Top 10 Players Who Never Played in a Super Bowl" on the NFL Network.  Former (brief) Falcon Eric Dickerson came in at number four on the list.  Does Tony Gonzalez end up on that list one day?  Comment below please!

The idea of the "All-Madden" team came about in 1980, when while covering Falcons games for CBS, John Madden said on numerous occasions that "If I could start my own team, I'd start with these two guys" (referring to Falcons running backs William Andrews and Lynn Cain)

Former hard-hitting Falcons free safety Tom Pridemore served one term in the West Virginia House of Delegates while playing for Atlanta.  He is the only NFL player to hold this legislative office while playing professional football.  He also holds the NCAA and Atlanta Falcons record for longest interception returns.

Ever notice how the football players on "Dancing With the Stars" all look kind of odd doing that stuff on stage?  Yeah..I don't watch that show either.

I think I saw an auction on Ebay from that kid on the AirTran commercial.  What I want to know is, how the hell did he get Matt Ryan's heart?

Peria Jerry (insert ubiquitous joke here)

My article on the Falcons possible move to a new open-air stadium has been as well received as a Matt Ryan pass in the Meadowlands.  Sorry, you weather-wussies...I hate domes.

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