Atlanta Falcons Rants and Raves: Claude Humphrey, Tony Gonzalez, Draft Rumors and More

Here we go with another edition of "Bird Droppings".  For those of you who are new to the blog, this is my weekly column of juicy little tid-bits of Falcons thoughts, news, and rants...and who knows what else has pushed my buttons this week.  And, away we go!

Former Falcon defensive end Claude Humphrey was inducted into the Black College Football Hall of Fame last week.  He is the Falcons' all time career leader in sacks with 94.5 in his eleven year career.  In comparison, John Abraham has 112 sacks in twelve seasons.  Considering some of the god-awful teams Humphrey played for, and the era in which he played, those numbers are pretty staggering. 

In looking for an heir apparent to future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez, the choies are obviously down to Georgia's Orson Charles, and Stanford's Coby Fleener.  The skill sets have been described as Charles being the more explosive offensive threat, while Fleener is a superb blocking tight end.  The question is, which can be taught more easily?

Rumors are the Rams are looking to trade the #2 pick, which means two things...they are going to stockpile some draft picks (a good thing that the Falcons should have been doing) and they are banking on Sam Bradford (not such a good thing).  Anyone else seeing Justin Blackmon landing in St. Louis?

This past weekend's NBA All-Star shenanigans did nothing more than just remind me of how much I abhor the NFL Pro Bowl.  All-Star "games" should just be nixed completely, just give they players the honor and the money since that's all they really want anyway.  And take the voting out of the hands of the fans.  Let's have a set comnittee of John Madden, Dick Vitale, Barry Melrose and Peter Gammons who decide the All-Star rosters for ALL sports.

You want an upside to the huge Prince Fielder contract in Detroit?  Well, when he gets too big to make it around the bases without an oxygen tank, he can always move over to Ford Field to help protect Matthew Stafford.

I'm waiting for a TV to be invented that has a "Mute these idiotic TV analysts and listen to the radio broadcast while watching this game" button.  Wes Durham > Kenny Albert + Sam Rosen + Joe Buck (and don't even bring up Ron Pitts).

We are now 20 years removed from Jerry Glanville saying it would "take a plane crash" for him to put Brett Favre into a game for the Falcons...subsequentially having him traded to Green Bay for running back John Stephens.  June Jones still refuses to send Glanville a Christmas card. 

Mike Smith is the 15th head coach (including interem coaches) in the Falcons 47 year history.  That'a an average of a new coach every 3.13 years.  Better win some playoff games soon, or it's tiiiiiiiick..tick tick tick tick tick Mr. Smith.

More new rule changes this season to make the game more friendly to the star offensive players.  I'm thinking maybe Vince McMahon had the right idea.  Concussions may bring an end to the NFL as we know it, but the XFL could have rolled merrily along.  His mistake was not signing his premier wreslters to required football appearances. "Now starting for Birmingham, quarterback The Great Khaaaaa-liiiiii"

Have a football passion but a limited budget?  Atlanta Falcons single game tickets start at $55, plus you can add a minimum of $20 for a parking spot that's still within the city limits.  So a family of four spends about $250 just to get into one game. But, you can get a 9-game season ticket for the AFL's Georgia Force starting at $65 for the package, and it includes one playoff game ticket.  And, if you miss a game, they'll give you some extra tickets to another upcoming game.  Fan-friendly is what the AFL is all about.  It's certainly not about defense. 

In their history, the Falcons have pretty much cornered the market on non-descript quarterback first names: Randy, Bob, Steve, Scott, David, Chris, Bobby, Jeff, Michael, Doug, Joey and Matt.  You need a 25-cent first name to win a championship in the modern age: Peyton, Brett, Troy, Eli, Kurt, Drew, Aaron, Brad, Trent.  (I don't count Tom Brady..he's got Gisele. She's the equalizer in any discussion involving modern quarterbacks)

New celebrity death match:  Sam Baker vs Peria Jerry. Winner gets traded to Tampa bay for a new Gatorade cooler.  (You just knew I wasn't going to go without at least one Jerry joke)

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